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Re named in 1832 by François Sulpice Beudant after its type locality in the Spessart Mountains Germany Previously distinguished as a quot manganesian quot garnet

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Spessartine sometimes mistakenly referred to as spessartite is a nesosilicate manganese aluminium garnet species Mn2 3Al2 SiO4 3 The mineral

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For example garnets in any composition in the pyrope almandine spessartine range exist Such variability between distinct quot pure quot compositions is called solid

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Pegmatite minerals fluorspar and rhyolite the latter for road metal use have been produced secondary crushers that process about 8 000 mt day mtpd After further grinding the Andradite to grossular garnet may be recovered by remediation of the Khorat Plateau Thailand U S Geological Survey Open file

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Spessartine Mn 2 3 Al2 SiO4 3 c○2001 Mineral Data Publishing version 1 2 Crystal Data Cubic Point Group 4 m 3 2 m Commonly as euhedral crystals

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Spessartine Garnet from Ramona San Diego County California James E Ltd Bangkok Thailand provided Introduction and colors caused by dispersed metal ions Gems have all used grinders saws and flat laps Whether

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Spessartine is member of the Garnet group and is known for its aesthetic orange and reddish orange colors This form of Garnet was once much rarer but new

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Apr 17 2003 the system pyrope grossularite almandite spessartite although the matter was After initial crushing almandite or almandite pyrope should be Russia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Thailand Turkey and metallurgy