B 61 Geology of the Stone Mountain Lithonia District Georgia

phengite and 11 ferrimuscovite Biotite is pleochroic from X light found in abundance on the northwest side of Stone Mountain The pegmatites are Crushing strength tests made on Lithonia gneiss and Stone Mountain granite at the

phengite 3t in high pressure metamorphosed granitic RRuff

7 and 27Vo of CaAlSiO4F Keywords phengite 3T celadonite rich muscovite granitic and Cape Nome sam ples and more abundant in those from Kiwalik

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Phengite is a series name for dioctahedral micas of composition K AlMg 2 OH 2 SiAl 4O10 similar to muscovite but with addition of magnesium It is a non IMA

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Phengite is an aluminous true mica which contains a relatively high amount of tetrahedrally co ordinated Si gt 3 1 apfu As the Si amount increases

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occurs through the reactions phengite or biotite юzoisite юquartz coesite юfluid ¼silicate abundance of hydrates and an increase of carbonates in the solid

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Jan 12 1970 INTRODUCTION THE NATURE of illite as a monomineral phase has been recently discussed by Gaudette Eades and Grim 1966