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Positive identification of minerals in the smectite group may need data from Look for Smectite Group on Google Look for Smectite Group images on Google

SEM images of clay mineral aggregates a smectite with

SEM images of clay mineral aggregates a smectite with honeycomb texture after Fesharaki et al 2007 b sepiolite fibres forming bundle like aggregates

RESEARCH Chlorite smectite clay minerals and fault behavior New

The abundance of chlorite smectite minerals within fault rock of the SAFOD borehole significantly extends Images and analyses of core samples from phase

illite smectite from gulf coast shales The Clay Minerals Society

Abstract Transmission electron microscope TEM images of mixed layer Key Words Illite smectite Lattice fringe images Periodicity Transmission electron

expansion of smectite by laurylamine hydrochloride The Clay

spacings between layers as observed in lattice fringe images however are variable inferred to be smectite but layers with d values approaching 10 may be